Free Black Background Images - Black on Black Wave

Black Background - Black on Black Chocolate Wave

Size - 500x290 pixels, 8kb

Believe it or not, this image was created using only the color black (#000000). The foundation was pure black then we created the ridges, depth and details out of pure black. When we combined the two we simply had a wonderful black screen like your TV was turned off. Not much of an image. But then we shot a light horizontally across the combined image and presto, there it was.

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You may use this free black wave background image to enhance your web site or personal pages.

Chocolate wave design.

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black waves
Black Waves

As you can see, this black background image was made so you may write directly on top of it if you wish.


Black wavy seamless background image for use as webiste background or as a very nice wallpaper that will work on any size screen when tiled.