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It Came From Outer Space

(Rough Interpretation.)

Might as well say it up front, I'm a 1950's science fiction fan ( or nut ). This is my version of the space craft that crashed into the desert and started the wacky story that is known as "It Came From Outer Space". It stars Barbara Rush and Kathleen Hughes if you are interested. I think there are some guys in the movie, too.

Barbara Rush also starred in the epic George Pal Sci-fi movie "When Worlds Collide." A must see film.

outer space background
An abstract space ship with the night sky in the background. The ship is about to crash into the desert of the southwest then all kinds of mayhem will ensue.

The background image is 800 x 600 pixels in size. You may use this background to enhance your website. You may not sell this background or add it to a collection.

You can scroll down to get a better view of the outer space background image tiled.

As you can see, we designed this free large background so you may write over it directly if you wish.