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We suggest you take a few minutes and read "George Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation" located the next page of this section. Just in case you need a little nudge to get into the spirit of being thankful, it will remind you why Thanksgiving Day is so important in America.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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turkey resting
A happy turkey relaxes and gives thanks.
turkey on the move - fast
Turkey running for his life. It must be close to dinner time.
happy turkey on the move
Turkey out for a walk and strutting his stuff. Perhaps he doesn't know Thanksgiving is coming.
full cornucopia with fall leaves
Horn of plenty with autumn leaves.
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving sign.
children ready for some turkey
Kids have been waiting all year for a turkey like this one.
Happy Thanksgiving glitter animation
Happy Thanksgiving in autumn colors with a little glitter animation.

Capotian and pumpkin clipart image.
cornucopia - horn of plenty gif
cornucopia - horn of plenty
turkey animated
A friendly turkey with Happy Thanksgiving animated gif.
carving turkey animation
Carving the Thanksgiving turkey.
harvest foods
Happy Thanksgiving with harvest foods plus flowers animated.
turkey eating animation
turkeys get hungry, also
turkey well done animation
turkey with hot feet animated
eating turkey animation
Pilgrim eating the Thanksgiving turkey animation.
turkey gifs
happy turkey with a wave
funny pilgrim
Funny looking pilgrim with big hat.
turkey image
proud turkey transparent clipart
Thanksgiving Prayer
Happy Thanksgiving Prayer - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread.
turkey hiding
Turkey found himself a great hiding place.
a beautiful turkey is served
Dinner is served! An artist takes pride in her work.
Happy Thanksgiving with pumpkins and cornucopia
Happy Thanksgiving made from autumn leaves with cornucopia and barrow of pumpkins.

pilgrims, Indians and turkeys with big Thanksgiving smiles animation
Big smile for Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving Day
Walnuts, fruit and cranberries with Happy Thanksgiving Day in a round design.
pilgrim turkeys
Pilgrim turkeys with Happy Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving meal
Cooked turkey, stuffing and fixings.
Happy Turkey Day
Happy Turkey Day animated gif.
pilgrim chased by turkey
A rather upset turkey chasing a pilgrim hunter.
animated happy scarecrow
A scarecrow that is very good at his job. Perhaps he is just excited because he knows Thanksgiving is coming.
Thanksgiving wishes
Pilgrim, turkey, pumpkin, flowers.
cat with autumn leaves
Happy Thanksgiving with autumn leaves, pumpkin and cute kitten.
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving with a pilgrim and a native plus fall leaves.
give thanks
Give Thanks with fall leaves, acorns and pumpkins.
pumpkin pie
A pumpkin with fresh baked pumpkin pie.
colorful turkey
Thanksgiving turkey with bright feathers.
turkey hiding
A turkey being very careful on Thanksgiving Day.

autumn leaves
An autumn leaf wreath with Happy Thanksgiving Day.
turkeys cooking
Turkeys preparing a Thanksgiving feast.
leaves hats
Thanksgiving with autumn leaves and capotains.
turkey dinner
Happy Thanksgiving with turkey and fixings.
message from turkey - Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving animated.
pilgrim eating corn
Pilgrim in his capotain eating fresh corn.
girl pilgrim
Happy Thanksgiving with girl pilgrim.
smiley and turkey
Smiley riding a turkey.
Happy Turkey Day
Pilgrim with Happy Turkey Day animation.
Happy Turkey Day
Happy Turkey Day with a funny pilgrim and animation.
turkey animation
A Minion turkey animation - Happy Thanksgiving.
a happy tirkey
A happy turkey with a big smile.

animated hungry turkey
Animated hungry turkey scratching out a good meal.
turkey hiding
Turkey hiding from a hunter. He seems to be doing a good job so far.
turkey and pilgrim animation
Pilgrim playing with his friend turkey animation.
turkey with Happy Turkey Day sign
Happy Turkey Day sign animated.
Happy Turkey Day
Chef verses turkey animated.
turkey animation
Turkey animation with Happy Thanksgiving sign.
pilgrim and a turkey
A turkey and a pilgrim playing a traditional game.
giving thanks animation
Pilgrims giving thanks for the meal they are about to receive animation.
carving turkey animation
Pilgrim working hard carving the turkey animation.

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving colorful design with shadows.
Happy Thanksgiving with a friendly scarecrow and autumn leaves image.
Mayflower under full sail.
turkey talk
Dude! I have a ton of followers and they all want to have me over for dinner. A very popular guy...
shopping turkey
Turkey shopping on Black Friday animation.

Eat Beef
Turkey with a plan, eat beef.
football turkey
Thanksgiving turkey running for a touchdown animated.
harvest corn
Happy Thanksgiving with harvest corn.
A slice of pumpkin pie on a Christmas plate.
Beautiful cornucopia clipart image.
Turkey knows you have to do what you have to do.
gratitude Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving - Gratitude Is The Heart's Memory with autumn leaves.
Pilgrim is very happy with his turkey - clipart.

Happy Thanksgiving Day
Happy Thanksgiving Day with lemon turkey.
gobble turkey
Gobble, gobble with a turkey, autumn leaves and pumpkin.
Happy Thanksgiving puppy
Happy Thanksgiving with a very happy puppy.
turkey pilgrim
Turkey and pilgrim friends with a nice pumpkin pie.
wish you were here
Happy Thanksgiving - Wish You Were Here. This Thanksgiving image was designed for Facebook and other social media sites.
Thanks For Many Blessings
Happy Thanksgiving - Thanks For Many Blessings.
cornucopia image
Overflowing cornucopia with Happy Thanksgiving.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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