Poinsettia Borders

This image view will give you an idea of how all 4 Poinsettia Christmas borders in this set would look on a web page.

This poinsettia border is 800 pixels wide and 85 pixels high. If you save the border from this page choose "save background as" from the menu. The border image on this page is the exact same as the image on the main Christmas border page.

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Square border frames below.

square poinsettia border
Poinsettia border frame - 600 x 600 pixels.

poinsettia frame
Poinsettia Frame with beads - 550 x 550 pixels.

Merry Christmas poinsettias
Merry Christmas border with poinsettias and an area for text or images.

poinsettia border with rounded corners
Square poinsettia border with rounded corners -594 x 594 pixels.

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