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Horizontal Lines

Our dividers, rules, bars, horizontal lines, separators, horizontal dividers or whatever you may call them
are free to use to enhance the appearance of your web pages. I'm never sure what to call these. How about - lines of many colors? Could be horizontal rules for light and dark pages? No? How about web page sectional separators? Maybe, " line graphics that no one cares what they are called." That's it!

If you use our clipart please give us credit for our work.
Thank You.

<p><a href="http://www.fg-a.com">Free Gifs and Animations</a></p>

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Main Clipart Menu

Click on buttons to view dividers on dark or light background for a better idea how they will look on your website.

horizontal line light yellow

horizontal rule purple and black

horizontal bar blue and black

horizontal bar dark red

page divider white

web page divider green

horizontal line graphic neon green

line graphic blue on blue

horizontal gif orange and black

horizontal line clipart red

horizontal line yellow

page divider the color of kings

Lines Page 1   Lines Page 2

You may use our page separators on your personal, business and educational web site or online community web pages such as Myspace or Facebook.